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Joshfire framework

The Joshfire Framework

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The first open source multi-device development framework.

Using only standards like HTML5 and JavaScript, it allows developers and integrators to quickly create native and dedicated web apps for browsers, Node.JS, desktops, smart phones, smartTVs and connected objects.


Whatever the device you try to reach, the Joshfire framework helps you develop one unique application and make it automatically compatible with mobiles, tablets, TVs, and even connected objects.

Optimized for Content

Do you need to distribute news, photos, music, podcasts, movies, or shows? The Joshfire framework is a very simple way to create fully featured content applications.

User interaction

Forget specific application designs for touchpad, TV remote, keyboard, mouse, Arduino and even Kinect. With the Joshfire framework you describe your app and the rest is done for you.

Client or Server Side

Sometimes the devices you develop for are not powerful enough to run your app. No worries. You can execute your app server or client side depending on the device capabilities.


Fed up with complicated development processes and heavy frameworks? The Joshfire framework radically simplifies the development and deployment of your apps.


The simple design of the Joshfire framework makes it possible to extend it and share these improvements with the community. It's open source for good!